Using Twitter Widget Plus is very easy.

Easy to Install Package.

Joomla 2.5 & 3.x is ready.

So first install the module. Go to Module Manager >>

Now Can Create a New Module or Pick the Unpublished Module name - "Twitter Widget Plus"

Then to make the module work you have to put your twitter information

  • Your Twitter Name: Your twitter username have to put in this field.
  • Width: Width of your Module in pixel
  • Tweet Limit: No. of Tweets you like to Display - By default it's - 0 (zero) - Remember if you put more than 0 than the scrollbar and height won't work
  • Color Scheme: Two color scheme available - Dark and Light
  • Link Color: Pick a color of your preferances.
  • Show Header: Choose your prefered option.
  • Show Footer: Choose your prefered option.
  • Show Border: Choose your prefered option.
  • Background Color Settings. Self Descriptive.
  • Show Scrollbar & Height: Self Descriptive